Tatoo Aftercare

This is a basic guide for Tattoo Care
*Follow your Tattoo artist instructions

*Remove any bandage between one and three hours after leaving the studio

*During the first 24 hours wash your tattoo every few hours with very mild soap and warm water using only your freshly washed hands. Rinse and pat dry with clean linen or disposable paper towels.

*After washing allowing tattoo to air dry just a few minutes, with freshly washed hands hydrate your tattoo with the recommended aftercare product by lightly rubbing the product into the tattoo until it almost appears dry. this should be done 3 or 4 times daily during the healing process.

*No direct sun, hot tubs, swimming pools for at least 2 weeks

*Do not scratch or pick at you tattoo

*Healing times vary from 1 to 3 weeks

Keep in mind that aftercare recommendations may vary slightly from one artist to another

This is a basic guide

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